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Your problematic
Why Executive Portance?
Our principles

Your problematic

you have a strategy in mind, a project, an ambition for your company or your entity,
you know where you want to go and you want your teams to adhere to it ; yet you also know that giving orders won’t do it,
you want to make it happen in a mastered time frame and a sustainable way,
you face the pressure of the market, of your bosses and shareholders, of your employees and colleagues,
in addition, day to day emergencies, action plans, e-mails, meetings take most of your time.

Our objective is to help you to accelerate and secure the implementation of the projects whose takes are most important for you and your company.

Why Executive Portance?

Independency of consultancy
Executive Portance is a consultant company specialized in the accompaniment of leaders and directors of project. Its activities are centered on the implementation of strategy, mobilization of their teams and acceleration of their high stakes projects. Our independence guarantees you a neutral intervention focused on your objectives.
Expertise for steering complex Projects with strong implementation stake
For the last 20 years, we have developed unique and recognized methods for piloting complex projects while capitalizing on the best practices (and traps to be avoided).
We work with Corporate Directors, operational and program / project Directors of several major groups and organizations worldwide
Action focused on implementation
Working with Executive Portance means working directly with its directors. You will not find junior consultants with us, only individuals who have acquired a great deal of experience both as executives and consultants. We work with limited resources, because we are trained to identify where to act to produce the biggest effects and generate the highest value. We have developed original methods, that speeds up the execution process and its acquisition by local teams.
Multicultural sensitivity
Executive Portance consultants have a strong capacity of adaptation and a real multicultural sensitivity. They studied in Europe and in the United States. They lived and worked in several countries both inside and outside Europe.

Our principles
Our action follows the principles on which we built our consulting posture for transformation:
Toward global solutions: we systematically consider our actions from the point of view of what is at stake in your company
An ethical approach based on the questioning and challenge of options geared toward the respect of human persons
A proactive perspective of integration to add value, by stressing anticipation, stakes and risks.
A permanent quest for innovation wherever it is required, in order to better apprehend complex situations and seize opportunities with a real contribution to value creation.
Transfer of know-how. We commit to transfer our strategic analysis, management and method, project control know how to your teams.
A strategic coaching attitude to increase the autonomy and responsibility of the people and produce the new solutions they will implement with them.


Jose-Luis Bustamante
Engineer of the Arts et Métiers School (1979), Space & Aeronautics Engineer
Specialist of project management, Jose started his career as a Weapon Systems Engineer in Dassault Aviation, where he acquired a significant experience of project management in complex environments. He was involved in developing aeronautical and space programs like Rafale combat aircraft and European space shuttle as well as futurist developments for airships cockpits.
In 1989, he joined an international consulting company where he led numerous assignments in strategy, competitiveness improvement and “rescue” of companies in difficulty for several multinational groups.
He developed pragmatic approaches for change management and contributed to the massive diffusion of project culture in France Telecom Group. He gained significant experience in change management associated with major programs for which he advised top managers, business directors, CIO’s and program directors.
Noting the difficulty for groups in implementing their strategy, he founded “Executive Sherpa” in 2003, then “Executive Portance” with JC. Berlot. He is currently in charge of the implementation of several major projects, both in industry and service. He advises several Groups in their strategic implementation like reorganizations, cultural changes, and business projects.
Eager to transmit his experience, he teaches at the ESSEC Business School, where he is also acting as a tutor for MBA students.
He is the coauthor of three French books: “Leaders, where are you? An ethical approach to management” (Village Mondial, 2002, introduced by Michel Bon), “I am a buyer for the first time” (Ed Organisation, 2007, introduced by Thierry Morin), “For a fast and controlled implementation, from strategy to ground” (Ed Organisation, 2008).

Engineer of the Ecole Centrale de Paris (1981), Master of Science from Stanford University (USA)
JC. started his career as a Development Engineer in Royal Dutch Shell, in France,then in United States and the Netherlands. He launched and promoted an ArtificialIntelligence project for the Group, then was involved in an international projectfor developing process control modules for refineries within the Group.
At the end of 1989, he joined a consulting group, where he performed assignmentstoward enhanced innovation and time to market optimization. He worked mainlyfor car industry, energy transport companies and telecommunications groups. Hewas also involved in defining the strategy for several groups in Europe. He acquireda specific know-how on the speeding up of major transformations like mergersand acquisitions, business model changes, and strategic projects.
At the start of 1998, he was appointed Purchasing Director of the Lighting andSignals branch of the Valeo Group, where he led 120 buyers in 10 Divisions throughoutthe world, for 700 MEuros of annual purchase. He was a member of the branch ManagementCommittee and of the Group Purchasing Committee.
He founded “Portance” in 2001, then “Executive Portance” in2003. He developed a strategic practice of coaching and synthesis advice forexecutives with JL. Bustamante, to speed up and secure the implementation oftheir strategic projects.
He is also a visiting professor at the ESCP-EAP MBA, where he teaches Purchasing.He is also involved in a Human Sciences education program within the Ecole Centralede Paris, and coordinates seminars on authority, responsibility and managementethics.
He is the author of “The Crisis? That’s me! ” (L' Harmattan,1997, introduced by Yvon Gattaz) and he is the coauthor of three other books: “Leaders,where are you? An ethical approach to management” (Village Mondial, 2002,introduced by Michel Bon), “I am a buyer for the first time” (EdOrganisation, 2007, introduced by Thierry Morin), “For a fast and controlledimplementation, from strategy to ground” (Ed Organisation, 2008).